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Zwergnase Junior List of Dolls In Stock

I thought it would be a good idea to simply list all the Zwergnase Junior dolls in stock, which will save time for anyone looking for a specific doll.

Currently, I only now have two available, as I have been having a summer sale of those which have been here for some time. Zwergnase are now on their holidays until 17th August, but once they are back I will re-stock - and can then take 'real' pictures as they arrive - which I will post to the KR Bears and Dolls Facebook page and my Facebook group 'Zwergnase Junior Dolls Fanclub'.

If anyone has any specific requests, do please let me know!

Because there are well over 100 available, I only have a small proportion in stock at any one time (those not in stock can be ordered in, just drop me an email via the contact form at the top of the page)

So, as at 1st August 2018, these are the dolls in stock. I will keep this page updated:

Nadine 2018 50cm

Marlene 2013 50cm

To look for a particular face sculpt, as an example, put this into the search box on the website:

sculpt 03

At first it will not show anything, but then tick the box entitled 'search in product descriptions' and then all those zwergnase junior dolls which share the same face sculpt will show. Please note that the search box requires a double digit - i.e. '03' or '04' etc. for the numbers below 10.

I also have new stocks of the boots - and most are now available. 35cm and 50cm sizes. They can all be found here: