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Free Worldwide Shipping and Discount Codes

Last updated:  Saturday 21st July 2018 

For a limited time, I am offering free worldwide shipping, so overseas customers, just order from the website as though you were located in the UK and ignore any red warnings about contacting me first for an overseas shipping quotation. 

Currently, I have some discount codes running, as follows:

20% discount on all Reutter Porcelain - enter code Reutter at the checkout (ends 31st August)

20% discount on all Steiff white tag collectibles - enter code Steiff at the checkout (ends 31st August)

20% discount on all Gotz 50cm doll outfits and accessories - enter code Gotz at the checkout (ends Sunday 22nd July)

20% discount on all Kidz 'n' Cats outfits - enter code Kidz at the checkout (ends 31st August)

I have also reduced a few of the Petitcollin Natterer dolls (babies mainly) as well as one or two of the outfits. No discount code for these; they are reduced directly on the website.

Happy shopping!