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Baby Stella is delightfully detailed from her lifelike toes, belly button and plump tummy to her soft fleece hair and embroidered features. She comes with a removable nappy, a super-soft outfit and a dummy that attaches magnetically to her mouth. Toddlers will love cradling, dressing and caring for their babies! Recommended for 12 months upwards. Choose from seven different versions.

Update: March 2016

Unfortunately, Baby Stella and her accessories and clothes are set to become very scarce. The UK agents for Manhattan Toy have very, very little stock left, and at the moment it is not entirely clear whether there will be any more. I will keep this page updated, but advice is to buy what you need as soon as possible - as it is looking as though they soon may be unavailable in the UK. I have another delivery on its way - but fear it might be the last.

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