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Pomme Pidou

I just couldn't resist these gorgeous hand made ceramic money boxes by Pomme Pidou.
Each one is unique. One by one, the animals are covered with their lovely print by hand which means that the print might be slightly moved to the left, or to the right, or maybe a bit higher or lower and any blurred parts are a completely normal part of the process. They are then finished in a beautiful high gloss coating. The perk of this technique? Each and every Pomme Pidou owner has an original and unique item! 

There are two sizes Pomme Pidou is the standard and Petit Pidou is the small size.

Petit Pidou Red Frog

Petit Pidou Red Frog

Petit Pidou Frog in red design. Size 14cm tall.Because these little money boxes are all unique, it's..

Price: £10.95
Pomme Pidou Buddy Bulldog Red

Pomme Pidou Buddy Bulldog Red

Pomme Pidou Buddy Bulldog in red design. Size 20cm tall. Comes complete with gift box.Because these ..

Price: £19.95
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