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Erwin by Sigikid

We are all so excited!  Back by popular demand is Sigikid Erwin The Little Patient!

Erwin is a fun novelty from Sigikid with an educational twist. Erwin shows children in a playful way how the human body is built. What happens, for example, with our food when we swallow it down? Where is the air I breathe? With a zipper Erwin can be opened to give a view of the major human organs. His heart, stomach, intestines, and lungs are all made from soft plush with Velcro strips, so they can be removed and sorted back into Erwin!

Erwin The Little Patient

Erwin The Little Patient

From Sigikid:"Children are wonderful, and we as adults should be open to our childrens' curiosity.Ch..

Price: £39.00
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